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James "Jimby" McIlvaine

James McIlvaine

Diagnosed: CML
Ethnicity: Filipino & Scottish-Irish
Location: Livingston, New Jersey

44 year old James "Jimby" McIlvaine is a devoted husband and father of 3 children. He was born and raised in the Philippines. After graduating from college in 1983, he and his family immigrated to the United States for a better life. They first moved to California, then to New York. Things were going well until he was diagnosed with leukemia in September of 2000. Treatment has put Jimby's disease into remission, but he is still looking for a match in case the leukemia returns.

From left: Jazz, Jimby, Jion, wife Jeju and Jeep.
Jimby with his family. From left: Jazz, Jimby, Jion, wife Jeju and Jeep.

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