Special Thanks to Lambda Phi Epsilon
Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation, Inc.

Board of Directors:

James Chang
Kevin Ching M.D.
Sharon Lau
Stella Lee Leong

Lan Ma


Diagnosed: ALL, Apr 2007
Ethnicity: Chinese
Location: Chicago, IL

Originally from Beijing, China, Lan has a scholarly background in Chemistry in which she furthered her studies in the US. At 37, she has a bright and beautiful 5 year-old daughter, works in a big pharmaceutical company in Chicago, and has a loving husband. Fate suddenly changed its mood for Lan when she was diagnosed early April with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, at the notice of swollen legs. Her weak condition prevented her husband from taking a new job in Florida and hopes to find a job in Chicago with insurance to help with medical expenses. Lan will be out of job soon due to her disability. She is in dire need of help and is looking for a matching donor.

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