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Piya Yont Vacharsanee

Piya Yont Vacharsanee

Diagnosed Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, 1998
Ethnicity: Thai/Chinese


Queens Newsday, Dec. 5, 1999

Piya continues to be active in the community by being a volunteer leader for the American Red Cross and as a recruitment volunteer for the Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation inc. from attending recruitment drives, speaking in public and acting in a skit about his experience. When he can, he still enjoys pleasures such as kickboxing and . Aside from home schooling, he also looks at psychology books as he looks forward to perhaps being a psychologist one day. "Why?" we had asked. "I like reading people's minds," he said.

At the volunteer meeting in August 2000, Piya made the exciting announcement - his Philadelphia chromosome has gone down to zero and after his last biopsy, he is in fully remission! With the exciting news, he will be returning to high school at Bronx School of Science as a junior and hopefully finish his degree at school!!!

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