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Host a Drive


Why are Asian Pacific Islander & Minority recruitment drives important?

Asian and minority marrow recruitment drives are events where minorities can register to become potential marrow donors.  They learn about marrow and stem cell donation and why it helps patients with blood diseases.

After registration, the person’s tissue type, HLA, will be entered into the National Marrow Donor Program registry.  A patient who is searching for a donor must find someone with a similar or same marrow type to receive their life saving marrow or stem cell transplant for a cure.

How to host a donor recruitment drive

The Cammy Lee Leukemia foundation staff will work with you to host a drive.  A date, time and location should be the first thing to be established. Note that all marrow drives must be scheduled and approved at least two weeks in advance for paperwork and documents to be sent to the National Marrow Donor Program. 

Here are three fundamental needs in preparation for the event: 

  • Operations
Operations refers to the location, equipment and supplies.  An ideal location would be a venue where there is a large group of minorities attending or passing by an event, such as a church or university.   
The equipment necessary for the drive would include: two to three tables, chairs and, if possible, an electrical outlet for a television to show informational DVD’s.
  • Education
Registering people as donors is important, but EDUCATION is the key.  The Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation staff and volunteers supply information about what the registration entails and the final steps of donating marrow or stem cells.  There are many myths and fears of the donation process, such as “drilling” for your marrow or extracting the marrow from the “spine”.   Spreading false information to others actually hurts the patients.  Simply listening or asking questions will change many misconceptions of the whole procedure, resulting in more people registering as potential donors.
  • Publicity
Marrow drives are more successful when publicizing the event a week or two before the actual date.  Newspapers, radio, television, flyers, posters, e-mail and press releases are various ways to promote the drive to let people know when and where it will take place.  Having a patient’s picture or plea can also have an impact when others see an actual person who needs the public’s help.

On the Day of the Drive

On the day of the marrow drive, a recruiter and/or staff from the Cammy Lee Leukemia Foundation, Inc., will arrive one half hour before the drive begins.  CLLF will provide all the supplies needed.

  • Drive Setup
Two to three tables and chairs should be requested beforehand.  The tables should be set up so that one table should have the donor registration forms where people can fill them out.  The other will be for the staff to check the forms while the registrant does their cheek swabbing.
  • During the Drive
To help recruit more people, volunteers can hand out flyers and brochures. They can also talk to them about the importance of registering as potential donors and saving lives.
            • After the Drive

CLLF staff will check the donor registration forms once more to make sure all sections are complete.   Forms and the Buccal swab kits will then be sent to the National Marrow Donor Program, where registrants will entered into the registry with their tissue type, HLA – Human Leukocyte Antigen.