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Kim Still

Kim Still

Diagnosed AML, August 2004
Ethnicity: Korean
Location: Pope, Mississippi  

"Kim is a 54 year old South Korean who married Steve Still in 1974 and migrated to America and settled in her husband's small town of Batesville, Mississippi, which is about 50 miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. The Stills have two grown sons, Jonah, who lives with his family in New Orleans, Louisiana, and James David, who resides in Memphis. Kim worked as a seamstress making clothes and doing alterations for the public.


In 1978, the family moved to Greenville, Mississippi on the banks of the Mississippi river. While her husband continued his career as a city police officer, Kim set up a seamstress business that flourished for the next 20 years. Kim's reputation as a seamstress grew and people as far away as Houston and New Orleans sent their clothes to her for alternations.

Following her husband's retirement in 1997, Kim and Steve moved back to a small farm close to Steve's home town of Batesville, Mississippi. Kim meant to retire also but her reputation as a seamstress proceeded her and she continued sewing up to Febraury 2004.

Kim started having severe join pain in her fingers and qrists as the year 2003 was winding down and found that she could no longer work. Medical specialists in Memphis determined that she had rheumatoid arthritis and several months later it was determined that Kim had Acute Myelogenoud Leukemia (AML) and Type 2 Diabetes. Due to the aggresive nature of this disease, Kim was immediately hospitalized and started chemotherapy. Her body resisted the first round of treatment so a second round of treatment chemotherapy was started. Due to this double round of therapy, Kim's immune system was severly damaged and she was in and out of the hospital for the next seven months.

Though Kim had been in remission several times, the leukemia keeps coming back. Her oncologists had determined that her only chance of survival is a having a bone marrow transplant. Kim was referred to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis to the Siteman Cancer Center for Advanced Medicine where her team of doctos will perform the bone marrow transplant.

Although the doctors are desperately searching the national and international registries, a suitable donor could not be located. A stumbling block is that Kim is Asian and there are not many Asian donors avaiable. Also due to the general weakening of her body, another round of chemotherapy would be fatal.

On the 25th of April, Steve and Kim celebrated their 31st wedding anniversary. They have one grandaughter, Chloe, who is 3 years old, and the apple of Kim's life. Kim would like a chance to watch her granddaughter grow and teach her her Korean heritage."

- Steve Still, husband

Updated 5/2005

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